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I started my journey 7 years ago as a videographer covering a range of bookings from university events to birthday's and special occasions. Through this, I began to develop a passion for filming and editing so I joined The Big Clash Gameshow Media team as a camera operator/video editor. This position allowed me to learn extensively about bigger productions whilst working with an organised team of like-minded media creatives. From this experience I went on to establish my own brand RichSpace which I use as my platform to produce entertaining content based around music, art, culture and self expression.

In 2016, I took a keen interest in drones and purchased a DJI Inspire 1 Drone. I then attended a PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) course at The UAV Academy and obtained my Drone Pilot Licence and PFCO. This allowed me to professionally integrate aerial visuals to my packages and portfolio. I believe that drones are a unique tool that captures incredible views that the human eye nor video camera could ever access. A substantial balance of various angles can create the perfect video/film. 

In 2017, I created a monthly music show titled The RichSpace Cypher (RSCypher) which brought together rappers, singers and poets and put them against each other in a cypher format that had never been replicated before in the U.K. During filming the RSCypher, I played many roles such as; Producer, Writer, Camera Op, Editor. However, I felt my strongest role was directing and leading the whole project. The RSCypher was a success in terms of how I first pictured it compared to the end product and through this, DIRECTOR RICH was born. 

Since then I have also established a production company called Framehouse & Co with a few other partners and continued to work on many projects including; commercial shoots, online shows, music videos, short films, documentaries, weddings and more. 


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